BK8 Affiliate Program

BK8 online casino offers one of the best affiliate programs! We make the process easy, from the sign up to payout. The affiliate program offers one of the highest online casino affiliate commissions, as well as constant support to help you navigate the process. 

Easy, Free Sign Up

The signup process is easy. Simply fill out the information on the application form and submit the application! You will not have to pay fees, such as application fees like you do with other affiliate programs. Instead, you can sit back and wait for your approval. 

Fast Approval Process

The approval process for the BK8 Affiliate Program is not only easy, it is fast. Our affiliate team works daily to make sure that applications are processed in a timely manner. You’ll hear from us within days of submitting your application for our affiliate program. 

Monthly Payment

Once we have your payment information, you can easily enjoy getting a monthly payment. You do not have to do a single thing. Instead, you can focus on promoting the website to earn a higher commission while we take care of the work on the back end. 

High Affiliate Commission

We offer an affiliate commission rate of 40%. This is one of the highest commission bases for online casinos in Malaysia! Not only do you get this commission, you can earn a lifetime commission on referred players! Get your friends and family to sign up to help increase your income for life!

Full Support From A Professional Manager

We don’t just sign you up for our affiliate program and then toss you out on your own. The more you succeed, the more we succeed too! We firmly believe that we are in this together. Our affiliate team has a professional affiliate manager to provide assistance anytime that you need it. 

Enjoy having a person just a phone call away to give you pointers to increase referrals. Send an email and receive tips on how to increase your sales, and how to earn a high, monthly commission. BK8 affiliate program gives you everything that you need to succeed. 

Finally, Earn Passive Income

Passive income is income that requires little or no effort, which is what you get when you become a BK8 affiliate. You sign up and then put in a minimal amount of work. Encourage friends and family to sign up. You can also build a website to inform internet users of the benefits of BK8, and the BK8 affiliate program. Then, you can sit back and relax. 

Enjoy Promoting A Product You Love

You’re not going to have to promote a product that you hate or one that you would never use. Instead, when you become a BK8 affiliate, you can enjoy telling people an online casino that is actually amazing. Our live stream tv, sports betting, slots machines, and promotions are hard to beat!

Becoming a BK8 affiliate is an easy way to earn a passive income, which is something that we all can enjoy.